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Ensuring Security and Regulatory Compliance in State-Sanctioned Cannabis Payment Transactions

The cannabis industry’s potential is often stunted by uncertain payment solutions, unable to fully comply with laws and regulations. This hinders the financial success of dispensaries.

BloomPay acts as a solution in this space, offering a platform for secure, compliant, and prosperous transactions for state-sanctioned cannabis businesses, propelling them into the 21st Century where previous regulations held them back.

BloomPay Financial is a groundbreaking payment processing solution, tailored specifically for the state sanctioned cannabis industry. Uniquely positioned at the vanguard of regulatory compliance, we offer a fully disclosed, KYC and AML compliant, and PCI DSS compliant payment system that accepts credit and debit cards for the precise purchase amount.

Our foundation is rooted in stringent regulator compliance and transparency with regulatory bodies, as we firmly believe in safeguarding the integrity of our payment ecosystem.

Our commitment to compliance equips us with the agility to deliver superior performance for our clients and their customers, ensuring a seamless, secure, and efficient transaction experience.

Bloom Pay is strategically positioned to be your trusted partner in payment processing, bolstering your business growth with our innovative, secure, & reliable solutions.


  • No Maximum Transaction Amounts: Bloom Pay allows businesses to operate without constraining their growth through transactional limitations.
  • No Monthly Maximums: For the vast majority of our clients, Bloom Pay does not enforce monthly maximums, enabling businesses to scale at their own pace.
  • Quick Funding: Cash flow is crucial for any business. BloomPay guarantees quick fund releases, ensuring businesses have the resources they need when they need them.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Bloom Pay ensures all transactions adhere to state and federal regulations, offering peace of mind for businesses operating in the cannabis industry.


Our platform provides comprehensive and accessible reporting, aiding businesses in making data-driven decisions.


Our user-friendly and reliable payment gateway has been shown to increase customer retention.


Our data shows a 25% spending increase with the convenience of electronic payments.


Our platform offers key insights into consumer behavior and revenue projections.